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Travel insurance pays for water pumps

Buying ethical travel insurance adds a different dimension.  As we like to put it, you can be in two places at the same time.  In the knowledge that you are covered whilst on your trip, we can also help in other parts of the globe.  Take Uganda, for example.  Travel and Insure have recently committed funds from the sale of its travel insurance policies to support the rolling out of water filtration units there  as part of a larger charity led programme to extend the provision of these units into other countries in Africa, the Indian Sub Continent and South America.  Just £30 buys a unit which will filter contaminated water into clean, germ free drinking water. In a 24 hour period, one unit can filter up to 60 litres which is more than enough water for an average family.  One recent independent study of the ceramic filters in Zimbabwe and rural South Africa showed reduction in dysentery and diarrhoea of more than 80%, concluding that these filters are “an effective point-of-use intervention for reducing E-Coli and diarrhoea in African households.”  Added to the tremendous health benefits that come from drinking clean water, the social benefits can also be profound, leading to children spending more time in school and adults spending more time at work.  Absenteeism, due to sickness in the African school in which clean water kits were installed, immediately dropped from more than 45% to less than 5%.  Not a bad result from buying an ethical travel insurance policy.  This article is brought to you by travelandinsure.com – specialist in ethical travel insurance.  You can read more about the aid programmes supported by Travel and Insure by logging onto our dedicated aid projects page.

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