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No Passport, No Travel

A passport is your most important travel document.  With it, the world is ready to welcome you.  Without it, you won’t even get on a plane out of the country.  So says the FCO and they are the experts after all.  Everyone needs a full, ten-year passport to travel abroad.  Leave as much time as you can between applying for a passport and when you need to use it – the time taken to issue one can vary and there’s a bit of paperwork to organise.  In the UK, you can get advice from the UK Passport Service website or call them on 0870 521 0410 (lines are open 24 hours a day).   Check your passport well in advance of any trip you’re planning to take.  Quite a few countries will require that your passport is valid for at least six months before they let you in.  If you need to replace your passport when on the road, contact the nearest British Consulate in the country you are visiting.  Do also check visa requirements with your travel agent or contact the Consulate or Embassy in the UK of the country you plan to visit, well in advance of your trip.  The bottom line is that your passport is a valuable item so it pays to treat it as such and, when abroad, keep it in the hotel safe and carry a photocopy with you.  If you do lose it, do remember that most travel insurance policies will cover the cost of a new passport and even pay for travel and accommodation costs if you need to get an emergency replacement from the nearest consulate, so don’t leave home without it, and your passport too!

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