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Check travel cover before taking the plunge

Fancy a bit of snorkeling on your summer holiday?  Why not, the water’s clear so jump right in but what if you want to stay under for longer, well you could always try out some scuba diving.  It’s all the rage and more and more destinations are offering free sessions with the aim to get you to sign up for a course while on holiday.  That’s all well and good but how many of us, when faced with the one off opportunity, whether it’s an early morning  pony trek, a chance to shoot some rapids or perhaps try your hand at parascending, consider what happens if it goes wrong?  Not that it should but perhaps it’s because we are feeling relaxed and taken in by the smooth patter of the ‘Holiday Rep’ and sign up for the night time ‘toboggan run’ or once in a life time ‘bungee jump’ then the chances are that last on the list of considerations is “does my travel insurance cover this?”  Most travel insurance policies will have a list of sports and hazardous activities that are included as standard and even offer, with the payment of an additional premium, cover for activities at the more extreme end of the sporting spectrum. But it does pay to look closely at the small print in your policy as this is an area where buying cheap travel insurance will almost certainly have restrictive cover when it comes to sports and other activities. Having an accident can be very costly and your travel insurance will definitely not cover you if the activity you have chosen to do is not on the approved list.  We are all for spur of the moment decisions, after all that’s what makes holidays memorable but it always pays to be wise before, and not after the event, as your travel insurance policy is there to pick up the pieces if it all goes wrong.

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