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Travel delay fears at Spanish airports

You would have thought that winning the European Football Championships that it would all be goodness and light when it came to Spain this summer.  However, not even this can ease possible delays at Spanish airports in July.  Spanish police are now threatening to bring airports and border crossings to a standstill by working strictly to rule in a protest over pay.  The Policia Nacional are responsible for immigration checks at all Spanish airports, except those in Catalonia.  Though they’re banned from striking, the disgruntled officers say they’ll cause huge delays by scrupulously checking the details of all persons entering or leaving the country and cross-referencing visitors’ passport details with international databases.  The protests are due to take place on Wednesdays and Thursdays throughout July.  If you are returning from Spain in July, then do get to your airport early enough to check in.  If you miss your flight because of industrial action, then do try and get written confirmation from the airport or airline to substantiate the reason for the disruption in case a travel insurance claim is necessary.  Likewise, if your airline delays flights because of this ‘work to rule’ then do keep receipts of any expenses you are forced to make as a result of the delay and approach your airline for compensation for meals, refreshments and accommodation.  If your flight is cancelled, ask your airline for a refund or an alternative flight.  Missed departure and travel delay are key components of most travel insurance policies but do shop around before buying and do check the terms and conditions to ensure there are no exclusions that could affect you. Travel insurance is there to assist when it goes wrong so it makes sense to have some cover in place whenever you travel.  This article is brought to you by travelandinsure.com – specialist in ethical travel insurance.

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