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Travel and Insure to sponsor cycle ride

Over the next couple of weeks, two of our directors will be trading suits for lycra to ride from Land’s End to John O’Groats.  And, no it’s not a mid-life crisis but will be in support of one of the aid projects with which Travelandinsure has been involved over the last twelve months.  During this time, we have made donations to help buy hi-bred goats for breeding in Kenya through the Pokot Rural Service Project, a small organisation administered here in the UK.  The goats are bred by Farm Africa in their goat programme in Tanzania and then purchased by the Pokot Project.  These goats are of a high genetic source which will increase the health and productivity of local stocks and provide the owners with a good form of revenue. The farmers undergo a training period and are carefully selected to receive these goats and then, as the breeding cycle begins, the farmer gives back to the aid programme a quota, thereby enabling the scheme to develop its own self sustainability.  The plan is to continue training with members of women’s groups in the West Pokot community in North West Kenya.  In general, these people have not suffered directly from the riots which occurred in neighbouring districts in 2007 but they will nevertheless be greatly affected by its knock-on effects, as so many already live close to the breadline.  A second project is planned to start training another group in goat husbandry, thereby expanding the benefits of the Dairy Goat Improvement Programme. Not only does the scheme demonstrate the relevance and benefits of organic, rotational crop production but it also encourages small farmers away from the expensive, input dependant monoculture of maize that prevails in the area.  If you are interested to know more about our aid project activity, then do visit our Aid page on the Travelandinsure website.  Should you wish to follow the progress of the cycling team, then they will be posting regular updates on our website and, if you would like to sponsor our two intrepid cyclists, then you can do so easily on-line at www.justgiving.com/travelandinsure.

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